4 Tips For Combating Senioritis

By Paige Duane

With graduation rapidly approaching and college admissions already received, many seniors find themselves at a loss for motivation. The weather is warm, the sun is out, and there are a thousand more exciting things to do than homework. Still, it’s important to stay on top of work so that your dream college doesn’t rescind its invitation. Here are four quick tips for combating senioritis.

  1. Prioritize organization

Having a structured schedule in your free time can really help you focus on staying on task. By setting aside time for homework and leisure, you will find yourself being productive while still maintaining your freetime.  

  1. Show up to school

You don’t have to have perfect attendance, but showing up for tests, projects, and presentations will prevent your grades from tanking. Attendence also makes sure that you do not have an overload or detentions right before graduation. 

  1. Celebrate the little victories

Whether it’s an essay for English or a math worksheet, finishing an assignment is an achievement. By rewarding yourself for the work that you do, you will be more willing to complete assignments in the future.

  1. Schedule breaks

It’s important to allow yourself opportunities for rest, relaxation, and entertainment. Otherwise, you might find yourself endlessly scrolling through your phone having achieved nothing. 

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