Bel-Air: Catch Up On Season Two

By Staff

Will Smith’s produced Peacock series Bel-Air had its season two finale on April 27, 2023 and the entire series has a lot to unpack (major spoilers ahead).

Starting with how the main character, Will, finally returned to the Banks’ mansion after storming off following an altercation with his Uncle Phil in season one. To be honest, this was a move that was easy to see coming considering how much Will still loves and appreciates his family. However, that doesn’t make it any less heartwarming to see them reunite.

Of course (as seen in season one), this show is still packed with back to back events — there was no slowing down and getting boring. For example, Will set off to meet with an at first seemingly great basketball coach, Doc, who he hoped would help him improve and get scouted, but Doc ended up potentially doing more harm than good (WATCH to find out why). This was less easy to see coming, but not a total shocker considering…well Doc’s tough love manner and secretive behaviors made him suspicious.

On to Hilary, one of Will’s cousins: she was mainly struggling to work out business matters and her romantic life (choosing between Jazz and Lamarcus). It was interesting and throughout the entire series has always added a different perspective on the show. She embodies the struggle that many people in their teens and twenties want to be nowadays: an influencer. Overall she handles it all well including not letting people walk all over her. 

As for another one of Will’s cousins — Ashley — she is continuing to prove herself as someone who cares about national issues as well as being overall kind hearted. For example, at the beginning of the season, she wanted her birthday party guests to donate to a charity called Black Girls Rock rather than get her gifts (she still got some gifts though, understandably). Her character appeals to adolescents who are also trying to find their paths in activism. 

Now let’s get into Carlton (also Will’s cousin). Now he definitely caused some commotion this season between going up against Will for their schools prestigious Founder’s Award and struggling with his drug addiction. I can’t tell you every detail (I have to leave you some to watch), but I will say that I was a little shocked that he chose to admit his drug addiction to everyone that attended the Founder’s Award ceremony after he won the award. He had kept the secret for years and was always sneaking around because of it. I’m not sure what this will mean for him at school and for college, but it is great he is able to start his road to recovery in what I’m assuming will be in season three because his mom (Will’s Aunt Viv) was researching rehab for him. 

On to my favorite part of the season: the very end. They played Will Smith’s song Summertime along with Will wondering how Bel-Air will be like in Summer. To me, this sounds like season three will be all about…well Summer in Bel-Air. 

Overall it was a great season. This show always has you on the edge of your seat — no boring parts! That aside, it contains serious subjects in every episode (such as Carlton’s drug addiction). Therefore, only mature audiences should go through with watching the show. On the other hand, the series has great lessons such as coming back to your family for help during hard times and pushing to pursue your life goals. I definitely recommend catching up on season two if you haven’t already. Also, keep in mind that these were only some spoilers…as in this isn’t even close to being the whole story. There is still so much to watch like Aunt Viv’s progress (and drama) in the art world, Uncle Phil’s business deals, Carlton’s lies, everything else to do with main character Will and minor characters like Lisa and Jackie. 

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