Bridgit Mendler: A Musical Genius

By Staff

First appearing as a disney channel actor in 2009 after guest starring in Wizards of Waverly Place, Bridget Mendler is perhaps best known for her roles in Good Luck Charlie and Lemonade Mouth. She had a short lived music career spanning from 2012 to 2019, releasing only her album, My Name Is and a few EPs. After that, Mendler took a break from the entertainment industry to focus on her education. Presently, she is a director’s fellow working with MIT’s Center for Constructive Communications and Social Machines, as well as attending Harvard law school. 

Her album received moderately positive reviews, however, nowhere near the level of praise that it deserves. With musical influences spanning multiple genres including pop, reggae, and R&B, the album stands out when compared to similar artists’ work at the time. It is especially strong for a debut album, boasting witty lyricism and catchy choruses. 

There are a couple of skips on this album, but over all, it is a sonically cohesive piece. The production of My Name Is is very mature sounding for a Disney managed artist, allowing it to appeal to young and old audiences alike. Singles “Hurricane” and “Ready or Not” are perhaps the catchiest songs, however “5:15” and “Rocks at My Window” are other notable earworms. 

After years of silence in regards to the music industry, Mendler has begun to tease new music. As recently as 2022, she has told listeners to “sit tight for news”, potentially hinting at new songs. Hopefully, this new artistic endeavor will retain her signature pop sound and catchy lyrics.

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