Speak Now Re-recording Announced

By Paige Duane

At roughly 10:30 central time on May 5th, Taylor Swift fans both in person and via livestream tuned in to watch the singer perform two surprise songs at the first night of her Nashville concerts. At each concert in the Eras Tour, Swift performs two of her songs chosen in secret, one on acoustic guitar and the other on piano that she will not play again on tour. Viewers tuned in eagerly to see what the selection had been that night, however, Swift had much more in store than the typical setlist switch-ups. Projected on the massive screens behind her was the album cover and release date of the Speak Now re-recordings.

“When I saw the announcement on probably the world’s laggiest livestream, I screamed. Like, outloud squealed. There’s been so much speculation about her potentially releasing Speak Now, but I didn’t think any of it would lead anywhere,” one swiftie commented about the album’s release. 

The singer had left many Easter Eggs hinting at the re-release of the album. In one of Swift’s most recent music videos, “Anti-Hero”, the singer smashes a guitar with a koi fish pattern, the same one she played on the Speak Now World Tour. On one night of the tour, a giant purple three was projected on the top of the stadium and concert attendees’ wrist bracelets glowed violet for a prolonged period after the concert. Additionally, Swift mentioned how she had “been thinking a lot about” the album prior to performing one of its bonus tracks. 
Speak Now will be the third re-recording in Swift’s arsenal, joining Fearless and Red Taylor’s Version. With the addition of 6 all new songs, the album promises to be a nostalgic retrospective of one of the singer’s earliest albums. The release of this album could also signal some changes to her tour setlist. Additional songs from Speak Now may be swapped for songs currently performed on the tour. Hopefully, she will sing fan favorites such as “Mine”, “Story Of Us”, and title track, and “Speak Now”.

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