Robert De Niro Buys Diapers for New Child and Himself

by Caleb Rippee

Famous Actor Robert De Niro (79) has recently welcomed his 7th child into the world. The mother of this child and De Niro’s new girlfriend is rumored to be martial artist Tiffany Chen.

Many people might have initial objections to this, but they really shouldn’t. This will actually make things very convenient for the actor.

“I already have to make diaper runs, so having a new baby fits into my routine quite nicely” De Niro claimed. “I won’t even need to get baby food either, I already have the house stocked with it since it’s one of the few things I can eat without chewing.”

De Niro explains why the timing couldn’t have been any better. “I was actually in the middle of writing my will when the baby was born, which made it easy to add the little stinker to it.”

When asked about the possibility of the kid spending most of their life without a father due to De Niro’s age, he simply said “Luckily there will be father AND grandfather figures for them. My oldest son is already almost 50 and will be old enough to be his brother’s grandfather figure. I also have several children in the 20-30 range so the kid will have plenty of parental figures.”

This interview was unfortunately cut short because it was De Niro and the baby’s nap time.

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