How BHS Students Are Spending Their Summers

by Staff

We have one last month of trudging through school, and then we’re finally free! But what matters more is what you do with that freedom. Whether you just want to chill, work, be productive, or whatever, it will finally be in your hands. So what are students doing with this free time?

Former student Vanard Goodman, who sadly had to transfer, says “Prolly (sic) grinding, working, and trying to find a way to go back to school in Benicia.” A lot of people are going to be working on their goals this summer, which is a great way to make sure you’re being productive.

Beau Cline (11) says he’s going camping with friends and playing volleyball and other outdoor sports. Spending the warm summer outside is the perfect way to hang out with friends! Even in Benicia alone there is a vast array of outdoor activities to do with friends.

Tara Thompson (12) says they are going to Disneyland to celebrate their graduation. A lot of the seniors this year are super excited for the last summer before going off to college. Some seniors are celebrating the start of their gap year as well!

At the end of the day, now life is in your hands for the first time since last summer. So no matter what you do, just make it count.

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