5 Underground Local Restaurants

By Alycia Maciel

  1. V Town Provisions

This small town restaurant located in the heart of Vallejo has slowly made a name for itself. They serve everything from avocado toast with their own twist of radish and mint to teriyaki. The location is the perfect gathering place for family, friends or even a place to study. 

  1. Bambinos

This is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and also enjoy entertainment. They serve Italian food with pizza being their specialty, while also offering a side of great service. They also offer dancing for later into the evening, accompanied by live music. This great dinner spot is located in downtown Vallejo.

  1. Papi Clarys Kitchen

Located in Concord, this little independently owned restaurant is fantastic, it is run by two graduates from the local high school. They are well known for both their birria tacos and also their delectable spicy chicken sandwiches. On the menu however, there is a lot more to discover; American, Mexican and also a hint of Asian foods were incorporated. 

  1. Frymazing

This restaurant truly speaks for itself, they are AMAZING. Their menu consists of Korean Barbeque with a little bit of their own twist.  Their most popular dish being the fire fries, they include a Korean BBQ beef, cheese, their homemade garlic aioli, Korean chili sauce, and green onions, with crispy french fries on the bottom. 

  1. Ko cups

Another great Korean BBQ place is located in Concord, that truly captures all the flavor into one cup. Ko Cups specialty is full BBQ meals into one cup with the same amount of goodness and quantity as you get in a full plate. The cups make it not only more convenient but also it gives this restaurant a unique factor.

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