The Advanced Dance Gets the Crowd Cheering at Their Last Show of the Year

By Leila Rocha

As the BHS Advanced Dance Team wraps up their final days of the school year, they put on a spectacular show entitled The Dance Awards.

Going into the audience, I was expecting an enjoyable show. After having seen it, I can confirm that my expectations have been tremendously exceeded. After all, between the amazing lighting that went with the dancing that added dramatic effect and the well-choreographed routines, there was the excitement accompanying seeing familiar faces showcasing their talent.

The performance perfectly fused pop culture with this previously mentioned raging talent to showcase. Throughout the show the dancers took the audience through iconic television shows Euphoria, The Office, Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, You, Friends, Outer Banks, The Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, Wednesday, Vampire Diaries, The Summer I Turned Pretty, and Criminal Minds. These noteworthy titles surely factored into the audience´s outstanding engagement and excitement. 

Based on Saturday´s senior night being filled with constant cheers, it is safe to assume that the show was a major hit among the audience. After every performance, people screamed and clapped to support the dancers. Especially when it came to the end where the seniors were honored. 

This part was particularly emotional with numerous dancers and audience members shedding tears (understandably considering it was the last dance for many of them as BHS Advanced Team members). 

Advanced dance seniors Alyssa Ilsaco and Kennedy Plummer stated that this showcase was their favorite regarding ones they did for our BHS Advanced Dance team. Plummer explained: ¨I loved it because even though we experienced challenges, the way that every dancer comes together to overcome these obstacles and dances their hearts out really brings the show to life. When you’re on stage, you can feel the energy and passion in each dance, and that paired with the excitement of the audience makes the production amazing.¨

Of course, with these girls being seniors I had to ask them to recount their favorite memory from this class. After all, it is quite a unique course compared to other ones at BHS – all the performing arts classes are. Being able to have an entire class in the day to work on your talent,  create bonds with your other classmates, and then perform at the school is amazing. Ilasco shared: ¨It’s hard to choose just one but if I had to choose, I´d say maybe access when we played games with the whiteboard and bonding/team building activities.¨ 

Plummer´s favorite memory also consists of quality time with her classmates : ¨My favorite memory overall from the class is when when we´re all together waiting at the stairs before class starts because it’s the middle of the day and we´ve all had 3 different classes and it’s a chance for all of us to catch up and just be friends!¨

Plummer also shares her appreciation for the diversity on the class, “the class has students in every grade, with the majority of students dancing at different studios, so that little time to chat with each other before class is really nice and gets us ready to have even more fun in class.¨

Overall, this year’s final advanced dance showcase was spectacular. It was captivating for audience members and memorable for the dancers. 

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