Indigenous Huitoto Children Survive Plane Crash

By Beau Cline

On May 1st of this year, a tragic plane crash occurred in the Colombian jungle. The crashed aircraft was a Cessna 206 light which was carrying a mother and her 4 children. The pilot of the aircraft had reported that there were some engine issues going on beforehand. They departed from deep within the Amazon rainforest, from a small city called  Araracura in Southern Columbia. The aircraft was flying to San Jose Del Guaviare when it suddenly  went missing. Soon after, Gustavo Petro, the President of Colombia, sent out a 100 man search force looking for the crashed plane. Two Weeks after the crash the plane was finally uncovered, the bodies of the pilot, co-pilot and the 33 year old mother were found in the Caquetá province. But mysteriously all the kids were missing.

The 4 kids were between the ages of 13 and 11 months old. Luckily the search team’s found evidence of the children surviving the crash. Some sniffer dogs came across a child’s drinking bottle, a pair of scissors, a hair tie, and some half eaten fruit. Other teams found a makeshift stick shelter. Fearing that the kid’s would venture further into the forest, the military deployed helicopters to fly around with a voice recorded message from their grandmother in their native language Huitoto telling them to stay put. Soon after there were reported sightings of the children and the President tweeted that the children had been found “after arduous search efforts.”

One pilot landed in a community near the Crash site, and was told by locals that they had been contacted by radio from a remote location deep in the Amazon called Dumar. The kids were reported to have been found by the indigenous people and that they would be taken by boat to Cachiporra. Other indigenous radios stations were notified on that Wednesday and confirmed that they were going to Cachiporra by river. 

Soldiers haven’t been able to make contact with the lost kids due to difficult meteorological conditions and the difficult terrain. The children’s father hasn’t lost hope as he told Caracol radio, and he mentioned that his sister had once been lost in the forest for a month and still managed to return alive. 

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