Practice Makes Perfect: BHS Test Scores Soar

Benicia High School’s test scores are raising eyebrows.

Not only did BHS score higher than many schools in the area, but the school is also ranked around 190 out of 1000+ schools. Our school’s test scores are above the state average by a little more than 5%. It may not sound like a lot, but it is.

Maybe you’re wondering, why does our school have better test scores than other schools? Well, according to Katherine Cole, one of our school vice principals, said it might be because we were more prepared and take Interim Assessments as practice. Most of our students are determined to do well and go to good colleges, go to tutoring centers, get private tutors, and even go to our English and Math labs for extra help.

Do students perform better on tests for the computer or written format? Vice Principal Cole says that since our generation grew up with a lot more electronics, taking a test online is better and more natural than having to put a pencil to paper.

All juniors must take what is called the CAASPP Test. This test will be taken online during your English class in midMay. There is no time limit to this test which means you don’t have to finish within the period and the best part is that the test adapts with your skill level. For example, if you get a question wrong, the next question will be easier, but if you get a question right, the next one will be harder.

It’s better than standardized testing because with standardized tests, it’s all the same no matter what (meaning everyone has the same questions). All juniors are advised to take this test seriously, so our school can keep up its reputation for high test scores.

Practice tests are available online; just go to Google and type in CAASPP practice tests in the search bar and you’ll end up finding a lot of different practice tests to help keep Benicia High on top!

By: Josh Choi

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