Curing SAD

Seasonal affective disorder is shortened to “SAD”, which can immediately clue people into what it is. So what is it? A person is SAD when they feel depressed irregularity. Not only that, but people may feel inferior, worthless and unmotivated to do any activities. This often occurs during the fall and winter months, but goes away come spring and summer. However, there are some people who experience the opposite pattern where they become sad in the spring and summer, but it recedes in the cold seasons.

To cure the winter blues or any type of sadness one can participate in phototherapy, psychotherapy, antidepressants, and more. Phototherapy is when you expose yourself to artificial light, like a light therapy box, or natural ligh. The light can shift the mood brain chemicals to be more happy, it works for most patients, but can take 3 to 14 days to work. Psychotherapy is talk therapy, where you can change your negative mindset and find out healthy, organic ways to deal with SAD. Antidepressants are Wellbutrin XL and Aplenzin, these can ease people out of their sad state within several weeks.

Ways to get over regular sadness are by getting enough sleep, exercise, eat healthy food, start out the morning with good mentality, know the past is not important anymore, watch a good movie, hang out with positive people, and stop thinking about the negative.   

If you sense you’ve been a little down longer than usual, as well as acquiring inconsistent sleep patterns and appetite, make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible since you may have SAD.



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