How do Art Styles Develop?


By: Justin Rylan

    When you look at Picasso or Jackson Pollock, do you ever wonder how their art styles developed? I’m here to tell you how art styles develop and how they came to be. Artistic styles are what artists develop from years of drawing. Artistic styles are also related to the drawing that people do, that’s why two pictures drawn never look the same as another one. Artists develops these for their pictures they draw.

    Comparing two artists with their drawings doesn’t work because that’s like comparing two humans, they’re both their own thing, and comparing them just doesn’t make sense. Now, developing an artistic style is not easy or hard, but it just takes determination. Some people can look at a drawing of your’s and say it’s bad, but if they look at a pollock painting they could say it’s a masterpiece.

    Sometimes drawing can be annoying because of the basic human curiosity. This makes people want to know more, but artistic style can’t be good or bad. Everything is based on human opinion and you should never let other people get you down or claim your bad at drawing because you might stop drawing.

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