Disney+ Finally Launches


Disney Castle Logo

Disney+ is a new ad free streaming service created by Disney. It came out on November 12th of this year. Disney Plus has almost every single Disney movie and show ever made. It also has bonus features like new shows only streamable on Disney+, National Geographic movies, and every season of The Simpsons. Disney+ is the new streaming service to take over the streaming world. One thing many people are excited about on Disney+ is the new show “Mandalorian” which is part of the Star Wars series. 

 Disney plus costs $6.99 a month and $69.99 for the whole year. It’s cheaper than many other popular streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu and is full of movies old and new for the whole family. Disney Plus also comes with the ability to bundle with Hulu and ESPN for $12.99 a month for all three services. The bundle is a perfect idea for streaming for the whole family. Disney Plus even gives you the opportunity to try the service for seven days free. 

Disney Plus is so easy to sign up for and use. They let each person of the family make their very own profile and add movies they want to watch on their own watchlist. Disney Plus also gives you tons of different icons to personalize your profile with characters from all the movies and shows. The service also organizes everything into topics like Marvel, Star Wars, Disney princesses, Pixar, Cars, and so many more different movie/show genres to choose from.  You could watch Disney Plus on almost every single device and even download movies or show episodes to watch on the go without wifi.   

Disney Plus gives so many different options for entertainment for the whole family from babies, to kids, to teens, to adults, and even for the whole family all together. Disney Plus is a great way to spend time reminiscing about your childhood, and to watch several originals from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs to Pinocchio to Dumbo. Disney plus is  a great streaming service for the whole family. It’s definitely worth a try, and if you decide you don’t like it after a week you can cancel your free trial and move on to another streaming site.

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