Students First Week of School

By: Sid Spahn

Back to School Flatlay

The first week of school has rolled by, and most Benicia High students are attending school for the first time since March of 2019. With this, many are anxious to get the year started and back into the groove of things. 

One such student is Claire Osmer(10). While she did have the first day of school jitters, she was still excited to start the year. Like many students, the lack of structure during online school made work seem unnecessary and as a result, her grades dropped. Because of this, she said the hardest thing about the first week was “Getting back into the school atmosphere and actually doing the work.”

Alexandria Patee(11) said something similar. She was excited to be on campus and see her peers and teachers that she hasn’t seen since freshman year. She’s more comfortable with her academic skills and relationships with her peers stating, “I have the resources when I’m confused and my classmates are there to help me.” She even said that people seemed nicer than they were 2 years ago. “I get compliments on little things, like my earrings or hair… people notice things.” 

Eily Auston(12), however, had anxiety about school that was more than just being nervous to see their classmates. She said she had concerns about people not abiding by the school-wide mask policy and not being able to get motivation back for her work. Auston’s first week proved them wrong, though. “Turns out, when I’m in person and there’s someone there telling me my assignment is due the next day, I’m way more likely to actually get it done.”

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