Spreading Kindness This Holiday Season

By: Leila Rocha 

A little extra love and care is a must every holiday season. But just how do you touch somebody’s heart this December? What should you do to spread kindness? When can I find time to spread kindness? WELL luckily for you I’m here to give you a guide on how to spread kindness this holiday season. 

Make a Christmas Card

Obviously, this is a classic! Just get some blank white paper, fold it in half, and get yourself an ink pen. If you need an idea of what to say, proceed to read the following:

Dear (person),

“This Holiday season I want you to know that you are unique in ways that scare all who cross your path.

 I can smell your feet from a mile away and your smile makes me nauseous. 

Your holiday spirit is like Scrooge (and not at the end of the movie).

I hope that Santa sees your naughtiness from the North Pole and stuffs your dirty stockings with coal.

 I hope that the new year brings you newfound success and goodwill!


(Your name)”

Don’t worry if your card sounds cheesy. It’s the thought that counts!

Bring Gifts to Your Teachers 

Teachers do a lot more than teaching math, science, etc. They have to put up with students talking back to them, interrupting class, and putting minimal effort into their work. Therefore, your teachers deserve to know that you care about them. You don’t have to buy them diamonds or Gucci. Just let them know that you wish them a Happy Holidays. I suggest getting a gift card to a coffee shop or an ornament. If you’re an artist you can draw them a beautiful picture like this one!

“Hand” Out Candy Canes

I’m sure you’ve probably seen people handing out candy canes. Whether it’s at school or on the street. Handing out candy canes may help Scrooges get into the holiday spirit. Simply stand in an alley with a briefcase full of candy canes and throw your candy at unsuspecting strangers. Unfortunately, hitting people with candy may be considered assault. So if anybody gets a temper about it, don’t argue with them. Just drop the briefcase and run as fast as you can. Also, this activity calls for a getaway car.

Really anything you can do to help people get into the holiday spirit is spreading kindness. You can even do something simple like wish a stranger a Merry Christmas. During the pandemic especially, simple acts of kindness can go a long way. 

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