Respawn Entertainment to be Working on New Star Wars Titles

By: Elliott Garske

Since Lucasarts renamed itself to Lucasfilm Games last year and announced that it would be making games again, information about what exactly those games would be have been slim. However there was the initial announcement of an Indiana Jones game and more recently the open-world Star Wars game being developed by Ubisoft.

Luckily for fans though, good news came in the form of an announcement by the Lucasfilm Games’ twitter account, stating that Respawn Entertainment, the former developers of movement shooter series Titanfall on top of popular battle royale game Apex Legends, would be developing 3 new games set in the Star Wars universe.

The first title announced is a sequel to their souls-like Jedi: Fallen Order from 2019, which probably would continue the story of Cal Kestis and BD-1 as they go throughout the galaxy on more adventures. Based on how the first game ended though, it’s somewhat interesting to think on where the story could really go or even whether or not it will even be about the same characters. 

The two other titles that have been revealed haven’t been given names or release dates, but we do know what kind of games they will be. The first of the two is an fps led by Peter Hirschmann, who also worked on the classic Star Wars Battlefront 2 from 2005. While we have pretty much zero information as to what the game will play like, there is speculation that it will be a movement shooter similar to that of Titanfall 2 based on Respawn’s history in the genre.

The final game announced is actually a strategy game led with collaboration between Respawn and another developer Bit Reactor. Speculation for this title has been extremely varied just based on how broad the strategy genre really is, but based on Bit Reactor’s previous outputs such as XCOM, you can expect it to be similar to that of the XCOM series. Nonetheless, it seems like it could be very interesting.

While these games of course won’t be released for a couple years at least, there still is some comfort knowing that the franchise continues to put out titles, even after Battlefront 2’s disaster of a launch.

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