BTS’ Jungkook Breaks Record For Debut Solo Single “Stay Alive”

By: Quinisa Roberts

The youngest member of the musical groundbreaking septet BTS has now broken yet another record.

To go along with the group’s collaboration comic with Webtoon, 7FATES: CHAKHO, Jungkook and fellow band member Yoongi have come together and released “Stay Alive”, a dramatic and slow ballad. Along with accumulating tons of success, the song also officially released Jungkook’s Spotify debut as a solo artist with 2,738,002 monthly listeners and 19,575,501 Spotify streams so far. 

As a group, BTS broke 13 Guinness World Records in 2021 alone, such as Most Tickets Sold for a Live Streamed Concert and Biggest Music Debut, for their popular hit, Butter.

Fans have long anticipated for Jungkook to be introduced as a solo artist since BTS released their ‘Love Yourself’ series, with Jungkook’s “Euphoria” topping multiple charts throughout the year that it was released . Back in June 2018, during a Buzzfeed interview, Jungkook was one of the members who had made hints about a solo artist debut and possibly a solo mixtape. 

The versatility that Jungkook possesses in his music can be easily seen throughout his solo work such as “Still With You”, a jazzy yet somewhat R&B tune that acts as a love letter to ARMY (BTS’ fanbase) and “My Time”, an R&B song with hip-hop undertones that tells his emotional journey as a singer and as an adult in today’s world.  These two singles have also broken multiple records, earning even more recognition for the singular talents of the first South Korean boy group that was nominated for two Grammys consecutively. Jungkook’s vocals can really tug at one’s heartstrings when looking at the various translations of his music, and the development of Jungkook’s journey as an artist.

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