1,005 Days and a Dream

By: Adrian Jacobs

For the last decade, stars Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green have been the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors’ Franchise. The all-stars have won a total of 3 NBA Championships, appeared at 5 of them, and together hold more records than any other trio in NBA history. 

After 1,005 days, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson are back together playing in a real game. The last time the big three Warriors played a game together was 3 years ago when Thompson landed funny on his knee after a dunk, and sadly tore his ACL. 

Recently, he returned to the Warriors sidelines on January 9th (aka “Klay Day” in the Bay), making an incredible comeback with double digit points. Unfortunately, prior to the day he returned, Draymond Green hurt a part of his knee and was out for a couple months. 

Finally, after all the hardship, the trio played their first game together against the Washington Wizards, blowing them out 126-112. It was Steph Curry’s birthday and he thought he might as well blow his own candles. The three-point magician dropped a huge 47 points on not only his birthday, but also the first time the three played together in over 2 years.                                       

Curry, Thompson, and Green hold the title of the “best trio” in NBA history because of their unbelievable 365-113 (76%) winning percentage. This is better than any other three players ever recorded. 

After the game, when asked, “So finish off with this, 13 games remaining, the two seed is still there, you’re back, you get Andre back in the mix and then the real push for the playoffs. To start, what’s your mindset right now?” Draymond Green responded with, “obviously the two seed will be great but we’re not chasing it uh we’re going to make sure we do everything we can to stay healthy coming down the stretch not going to make any any bonehead decisions trying to chase the 2 seed whether we’re two-seed, three-seed, we’re going to win a championship so don’t really matter.” 

Green has lots of confidence in the Warriors’ basketball right now and fans cannot wait to see what show they can put on come the Playoffs. 

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