How to Appreciate Your Mother On Her Special Day 

By Leila Rocha 

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday May 14th. It is an extremely significant day considering that in many households, mothers are the glue to their families, ensuring that their kids are well taken care of and on the road to greatness. Without mothers, the world would simply be dull and emotionless. Therefore, I have generated a short list of things you may consider doing to make your mother feel appreciated as she deserves. 

  1. Get her a gift. This is a common one, but that does not diminish its value. Getting your mother something as simple as a card has the potential to brighten her day. Some ideas that are great would be a candle in her favorite fragrance, a gift card to her favorite coffee shop, a bag of her favorite candy, or a photo album (digital or physical) of you and her. Also, if you have siblings you can always team up and get your mother a group gift. Whichever way you go, your mother will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness you have for her. 
  1. Apologize (only if you owe her an apology). This may seem strange upon first reading, however, none of us are perfect; especially not to our mother’s. It is easy for some teens to slip up and say or do things that harm others feelings. Therefore, on her special day, tell your mother that you are sincerely apologetic regarding the way you have acted towards her. Of course, following any apology, it should consist of doing your best to keep the peace and prevent further damage. 
  1. Make her a meal or take her to one. For the chefs out there, cooking your mother her favorite meal or even baking her favorite dessert can be the sunshine on a cloudy day, and a great Mother’s Day surprise. Even if you are not an amazing chef, attempting to piece together a five star meal should be enough to portray your efforts to give her a great day. Of course, you can always decide to take your mother out for a meal instead. It does not have to be expensive either; just take her to a place she likes and get the bill. 
  1. Help her. Parents can get overwhelmed at times. Therefore, if you have noticed your mother being constantly stressed out let her know that you are there for whatever she needs. This could be taking out the trash, cleaning her room for her, finishing your chores, or even giving her space. Letting her know that you are there can help to make her feel special. 
  1. Plan a trip. A lot of times parents are always helping us plan trips. A nice twist would be to help plan a trip for your mom. It can even be somewhere close by – maybe take her to do an activity she enjoys. For instance: roller skating or bowling; anything that your mom wants. 

Whether you consider this list or have something else in mind, just remember to make your mom’s day special. No matter what you do, tell your mother that you love her.